Earth Sea and Sky

I love to make elaborate textile bags using lots of different techniques.

I start with my idea and start thinking of the colours I want to use.

Then the fun bit, I gather my materials together and eliminate ones that I dont think will work with each other.

I quite often make hand made felt or use wool fibres for the bags and these need to be blended together to give more natural effects.

Sometimes I will paint some silk,  dye  or even Batik silk to give me the effect I want.

It is then put onto a backing and embreidered using free machine embroidery.

Once the bag and lining is made up I might add hand cut organza shapes or sew on beads or sequins.

Sometimes its hard to know just when to stop!

Detail of Hedgerow bag Clematis bag
Rose "Summer Wine"

I find a lot of inspiration from my garden and walks in the countryside.

Blackberries Red Admiral on Michaelmas Daisies

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Textiles colour wheel DSC08371 Complimntary coloured threads