Earth Sea and Sky





I make a basic design drawing which then has to be simplified into a cutting diagram. I will then cut out the basic shape in clear or coloured  glass.



I use two layers of 3mm glass cut into the shapes I need for my design.  The glass is placed on top of one another.  Sometimes I add powdered glass inbetween the layers or frit (crushed glass) on the top.  These will all melt together in a full fuse firing to give a single flat sheet.


For the next step I might add other cut shapes on top, add paint or draw with powdered glass.  These pieces will be placed on the original piece of glass that has been fired and placed back in the kiln but at a lower temperature.


The effect of this will be a tack fuse.  This means that the glass has not completely melted but retained some of its form so that texture is achieved.

The work can be fired several times until I am pleased with the effect.


You can get different results depending the temperature you use.  Sometimes you might want a jagged edges and at other times a soft rounded effect will be desired.


That moment when you can open the kiln door is always exciting!






Strata glass panel Butterfly Blues panel

Its good to experiment  with ideas and effects.


It's always exciting each time I open the kiln door!

Start of design and colour scheme GLASS COLOUR WHEEL